HONORS: Laureates of the 2019 Annual Prizes

At a ceremony marking the anniversary of the Institute, held in the Zvonko Marić Hall on May 10, the three annual prizes of the Institute were awarded. A jury that included Principal Research Fellow Magdalena Đorđević, Senior Research Associate Marija Mitrović and Senior Research Associate Nenad Vranješ announced the winners. After the announcement, the winner held a seminar on his research activities.

Namely, the jury unanimously decided that the Annual Prize for Scientific Work of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade, be awarded to DR. BRANISLAV CVETKOVIĆ (photo) for his work on understanding Hamiltonian structure and the particle spectrum of the general Poincaré gauge theory, as well as alternative theories of gravitation in general. The prize consists of a certificate of achievement, a diploma and a sum of money equivalent to three average monthly salaries at the Institute (RSD225,000).

Four candidates were nominated for the Student Prize of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade, which the jury decided to award to DR. VELJKO JANKOVIĆ for his doctoral dissertation, Exciton Dynamics at Photoexcited Organic Heterojunctions. The prize consists of a certificate of achievement, a diploma and a sum of money equivalent to one average salary at the Institute (RSD75,000).

In addition to the prizes awarded for scientific achievements, the Institute also awards a prize for financial contribution to those individuals whose department’s projects have earned the largest income for the Institute on condition that the amount exceeds 15 average monthly salaries. According to data of the Accounting Department, this year the largest income was earned by the Innovation Center of the Institute of Physics, and therefore the prize was awarded to its head, DR MARIJA MITROVIĆ DANKULOV.

PHOTOS: Bojan Džodan

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