Душан Ђорђевић

06. јуна 2023.

У оквиру семинара Групе за гравитацију, честице и поља Института за физику у Београду, у петак, 09. јун 2023. године у 11 часова на Институту за физику у Београду, у сали 360, Душан Ђорђевић (Физички факултет у Београду) одржаће предавање:

Holographic Aspects of Even-Dimensional Topological Gravity


Despite being formulated over 30 years ago, the topological gauge theory of gravity in an even number of space-time dimensions has received limited attention. In this talk, we will consider this theory (with the AdS gauge group) in the setup of holographic duality. First, we will compute the holographic one-point functions. The fact that one-point function of a spin current generally does not vanish opens up a possibility of application in the field of spin systems in three space-time dimensions. Then, we will further investigate some bulk semiclassical geometries and discuss them in the light of holography. Finally, we will discuss the two-point function in the dual-field theory using the Wilson line-like presentation of a probe point particle in the bulk.