Ана-Марија Недић

16. септембра 2022.

У оквиру семинара Центра за изучавање комплексних система Института за физику у Београду, у четвртак, 22. септембра 2022. године у 14 часова путем Zoom платформе, Ана-Марија Недић (Државни универзитет Ајове и Национална лабораторија Ејмс), одржаће предавање:

Z3 Potts order in stacked models with continuous SO(3) symmetry


In this talk we will propose stacked lattice designs of coupled antiferromagnetic triangular and ferromagnetic six-fold symmetric sublattices that show an emergent Z3 Potts order on a triangular layer from a bilinear-biquadratic spin-rotationally invariant model. Tuning the biquadratic coupling, our model interpolates between the Heisenberg and Ising limits of a triangular lattice in a magnetic field. Using the combination of analytical and classical Monte Carlo calculations, we will map out the zero-temperature phase diagram, the finite-temperature phase diagram above Z3-ordered phase, and study the criticality of Z3 Potts transition. Finally, we will show that the biquadratic terms that stabilize the emergent Z3 Potts phases can be induced by thermal and quantum fluctuations from the bilinear Heisenberg model.

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