проф. др Ђорђе Минић

23. августа 2023.

У оквиру семинара Групе за гравитацију, честице и поља Института за физику у Београду, у уторак, 5. септембра 2023. године, у 11 часова, на Институту за физику у сали 360, проф. др Ђорђе Минић (Департман за физику, Virginia Tech) одржаће предавање:

Quantum gravity = Gravitized quantum theory


In this talk I will discuss a new approach to the problem of quantum gravity in which the quantum mechanical structures that are traditionally fixed, such as the Fubini-Study metric in the Hilbert space of states, become dynamical and so implement the idea of gravitizing the quantum. I will elaborate on a specific test of this new approach to quantum gravity using triple interference in a varying gravitational field. My discussion will be driven by a profound analogy with recent triple-path interference experiments performed in the context of non-linear optics. I will emphasize that the triple interference experiment in a varying gravitational field would deeply influence the present understanding of the kinematics of quantum gravity and quantum gravity phenomenology. I will also discuss the non-linear Talbot effect as another striking phenomenological probe of gravitization of the geometry of quantum theory. Finally, I will discuss the bounds this new approach to quantum gravity implies for the cosmological constant, the Higgs mass and the masses and mixing matrices of quarks and leptons.