Др Горан Шкоро

20. новембра 2018.

У оквиру семинара Нискофонске лабораторије за нуклеарну физику, у уторак, 20. новембра у 12 часова у читаоници „Др Драган Поповић“ Института за физику у Београду др Горан Шкоро (ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, Rutherford Appleton
Laboratory, UK Research and Innovation, STFC, United Kingdom) ће одржати предавање:

2500 days at ISIS (based on a true story)


ISIS Neutron and Muon Source based at UK Research and Innovation’s STFC
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) in Oxfordshire is a world-leading centre
for research in the physical and life sciences. It supports a national and
international community of more than 2000 scientists who use neutrons and
muons for research in physics, chemistry, materials science, geology,
engineering, and biology. It currently has a staff of around 400 people who
support the programme of more than 700 experiments entailing more than 3000
user days annually.

The role of nuclear physicist at spallation neutron source, or research
reactor, or any similar neutron production “factory” is, typically, to: create
and use the Monte Carlo model of the facility to help the instrument
scientists to get maximum from their instrumentation; calculate the build-up
of radionuclide inventories in activated materials; perform robust
measurements of particle fluxes and radiation dose rates in operational
environments; prepare the future research and development programmes and, last
but not least, provide consultancy and advisory support for similar activities
outside of home organization.

In this talk, after a short introduction about ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, a
typical day (averaged over seven years) in the life of a nuclear physicist at
a spallation neutron source will be described.