Nanostructured matter laboratory


We investigate the physical properties of matter determined by its structure at the nanoscale.

Our research involves the synthesis of nanostructured metal oxides and multiferroics, study of their structural, optical, vibrational, electrical and magnetic properties and potential application in the field of water purification, fuel cells and gas sensors technologies.

Spin interactions and their response to electric and magnetic fields varies greatly with the properties of nanostructured host materials. Control over these interactions both allows for control of the quantum states of the spins, and leads to decay of spin quantum coherence due to interactions.  By following and modifying the spin dynamics in nanostructures, we develop basic building blocks and procedures to utilize these spins as the medium for storing and processing the quantum information.

We study, using resonant and non-resonant spectroscopies, the materials used to build fluorescent biosensors and electric switches based on single-walled carbon nanotubes and high critical temperature superconductors.

Investigation of biological systems: cancer cells, blood analytes and biomolecules using standard and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. We probe interactions between oxide nanoparticles and cancer cells and handle the complexity of studied biological structures with statistical methods developed in-house and applied to large amount of data.

Head of the laboratory: Dr. Zorana Dohčević-Mitrović, Research Professor.

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Dr. Zorana Dohčević-Mitrović

Dr. Sonja Aškrabić

Dr. Dimitrije Stepanenko

Dr. Dejan Đokić

Dr. Novica Paunović

Dr. Bojan Stojadinović

Dr. Milena Filipović

Mirjana Miletić