Nanostructured matter laboratory


Our research includes the synthesis and characterization of physical properties of diverse nanostructured materials like metal oxides, perovskite-based multiferroic nanocomposites, rare-earth orthoferrites and iron garnets. We investigate structural, optical, vibrational, electrical and magnetic properties as well as potential application of these nanomaterials in water purification, photovoltaic and EMI shielding technologies. Our group is engaged in theoretical study and numerical simulation of vibrational and optical properties of nanostructured systems.

We investigate the influence of material’s nanostructure on its electromagnetic, transport, mechanical and biological properties. The focus of our research is how external classical electromagnetic field modifies dynamics of spins and charge carriers in nanocrystals, quantum dots and single-molecule magnets. At nanoscale both electric and magnetic responses are changed from their bulk values. Small-scale disorder produces strong electric fields, and we follow changes in spin and phonon spectra, deducing the processes and material properties that drive these changes. Spin interactions and their response to electric and magnetic fields varies greatly with the properties of nanostructured host materials. Control over these interactions both allows for control of the quantum states of the spins, and modifications of decay of spin quantum coherence due to interactions. By following and modifying the spin dynamics in nanostructures, we develop basic building blocks and procedures to utilize these spins as the medium for storing and processing quantum information.

Part of our group also deals with research that includes probing the biological systems: cancer cells, blood analytes and biomolecules using standard and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. We probe interactions between oxide nanoparticles and cancer cells and handle the complexity of studied biological structures using statistical methods developed in-house and applied to large amount of data.

Head of the laboratory: Dr. Zorana Dohčević-Mitrović.

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Dr. Zorana Dohčević-Mitrović, Research professor

Dr. Sonja Aškrabić, Аssociate research professor

Dr. Dimitrije Stepanenko, Аssociate research professor

Dr. Novica Paunović, Аssociate research professor

Dr. Bojan Stojadinović, Аssociate research professor

Dr. Milena Filipović, Аssistant research professor

Dr. Mirjana Miletić, Аssistant research professor