EPL – Environmental Physics Laboratory

Research interests

Activities of the EPL include fundamental and applied research related to atmospheric processes, transport and transformation of pollutants (aerosols and gaseous species) and their impact on the environment, climate and human health. The investigation has been performed based on synergistic use of analytical, in situ and remote sensing techniques, as well as modeling tools for various environmental applications. Special interest focused to the following:

  • modeling and experimental analysis of relevant atmospheric parameters associated with the pollutant interactions and transport processes
  • indoor, outdoor, multiphase environmental and chamber experiment sample analyses (VOC, inorganic gaseous pollutants, PM and soot concentration)
  • chemical characterization of PM, vegetation, soil and atmospheric bulk deposition including trace metals, constituent ions, organic/elemental carbon and PAH
  • human, moss and tree leaves biomonitoring of trace element and POP distributions
  • active ground-based atmospheric aerosol laser remote sensing
  • investigation of aerosol optical properties and aerosol-clouds interaction
  • numerical simulations of the atmospheric cycle of mineral dust aerosol
  • environmental data analysis (machine learning, statistical, spatio-temporal, multifractal, receptor, hybrid receptor, health and mortality risk assessment) and model development

Head of the Laboratory is Dr. Zoran Mijić, Associate Research Professor.


Associate Research Professor

Dr. Zoran Mijić

Dr. Gordana Jovanović

Dr. Andreja Stojić

Dr. Mira Aničić Urošević

Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Maja Kuzmanoski

Dr. Tijana Milićević

Dr. Mirjana Perišić

Research Assistant

Luka Ilić



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