Владан Вулетић

23. марта 2018.

У уторак, 27. марта у 13.30 часова у читаоници библиотеке „Др Драган Поповић“ Др Владан Вулетић са Департмана за физику МИТ-а одржаће предавање

„Laser cooling of Rb to Bose-Einstein condensation“


The procedure for attaining quantum degeneracy in atomic gases almost exclusively rely on a final evaporative cooling, a time-consuming step associated with substantial atom loss. We demonstrate direct laser cooling of a gas of 87Rb atoms to quantum degeneracy. The method is fast and induces little atom loss. The atoms are trapped in a two-dimensional optical lattice that enables cycles of compression to increase the density followed by Raman sideband cooling to decrease the temperature. From a starting number of 2000 atoms, 1400 atoms reach quantum degeneracy in 300 milliseconds, as confirmed by a bimodal velocity distribution. The method should be broadly applicable to many bosonic and fermionic species and to systems where evaporative cooling is not possible.