Проф. др Хрвоје Буљан

15. маја 2018.

У оквиру традиционалног колоквијума Института за физику у Београду, у понедељак, 21. маја у 12 часова у сали „Звонко Марић“ биће одржано предавање проф. др Хрвоја Буљана (Физички одсек Природословно-математичког факултета Свеучилишта у Загребу). Он ће одржати предавање под насловом:

„Engineering Weyl semimetals and anyons“


In this talk we will present two topics of research in our group related to synthetic topological quantum matter [1]: topological phases in 3D optical lattices, more specifically a proposal for experimental realization of Weyl semimetals in ultracold atomic gases [2], and anyons [3,4]. We will present one possible route to engineer anyons in a 2D electron gas in a strong magnetic field sandwiched between materials with high magnetic permeability, which induce electron-electron vector interactions to engineer charged flux-tube composites [3]. We will also discuss intriguing concepts related to extracting observables from anyonic wavefunctions [4]: one can show that the momentum distribution is not a proper observable for a system of anyons [4], even though this observable was crucial for the experimental demonstration of Bose-Einsten condensation or ultracold fermions in time of flight measurements. We will show how time-of-flight measurements can be used to extract anyonic statistics [4].

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