Др Ђорђе Минић

06. јула 2018.

У оквиру традиционалног колоквијума Института за физику у Београду, у петак, 13. јула 2018. у 12 часова у сали „Звонко Марић“ проф. др Ђорђе Минић (Department of Physics, Virginia Tech, USA) ће одржати предавање:

Manifest quantum non-locality in quantum mechanics, quantum field theory and quantum gravity


In this talk we will discuss manifest quantum non-locality in quantum mechanics while concentrating on the essential features of any quantum theory, such as linear superposition and entanglement. We will reveal the hidden quantum space-time geometry behind this non-locality, that is also consistent with causality. We will then illustrate how this same quantum space-time geometry appears in the context of quantum gravity, and finally, discuss the meaning of such quantum non-locality in the context of quantum field theory, while pointing out a new generic prediction that follows from this novel view on quantum theory.