Scientific Computing Laboratory


Since 2006 the Scientific Computing Laboratory has been recognized as a EU Centre of Excellence for modeling of complex systems. Its researchers use state-of-the-art High Performance Computing resources to conduct numerical simulations and visualizations of classical and quantum many-body systems. The main research topics covered include numerical evaluation of path integrals, study of strongly correlated quantum systems, investigation of granular compaction, and modeling of transport in nano-porous materials.

SCL-IPB has decisively increased the quality and impact of its research effort, and has grown into a recognized leader in HPC in South East Europe. During this time SCL-IPB has been partner in Europe’s flagship e-Infrastructure projects EGEE II, EGEE III, and this continues in PRACE and EGI-INSPIRE. The laboratory has been extremely active at the regional level in SEE-GRID, SEE-GRID-2, SEE-GRID-SCI, and the new HP-SEE project. The research on complex materials is principally funded through a seven-year National research grant ON141035, and EU Centre of Excellence grant CX-CMCS. Specific SCL-IPB activities are funded through a NATO reintegration grant, a Swiss SCOPES project, and several bilateral projects. Outreach to education has been conducted through the LA@CERN project.

In the past four years the number of senior researchers employed at SCL-IPB has grown from 5 to 8 (1 promoted, 2 reintegrated from abroad). During the same period the laboratory recruited 23 new PhD students and trainees. So far these have successfully defended 1 PhD, 2 MSc, and 6 BSc theses. Active participation in international projects and collaboration has made it possible for SCL-IPB to conduct extensive researcher mobility, particularly for its younger researchers. Five students have benefited from long-term missions in France, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

Head of the SCL is Dr. Antun Balaž.



Dr. Antun Balaž

Dr. Aleksandar Belić

Dr. Aleksandar Bogojević

Dr. Nenad Vukmirović

Dr. Milica Milovanović

Dr. Slobodan Prvanović

Dr. Igor Stanković

Dr. Darko Tanasković

Dr. Ivana Vasić

Dr. Jakša Vučičević

Dr. Marija Mitrović Dankulov

Dr. Milan Radonjić

Dr. Miloš Radonjić

Dr. Igor Franović

Dr. Aleksandra Alorić

Dr. Iva Bačić

Dr. Dušan Vudragović

Dr. Miljan Dašić

Dr. Veljko Janković

Dr. Vladimir Lončar

Dr. Nikola Prodanović

Dr. Jelena Smiljanić

Dr. Ana Hudomal

Dr. Mihailo Čubrović

Ana Vranić

Milan Jocić

Suzana Miladić

Petar Mitrić

Darja Cvetković

Marija Šindik

Đorđe Trajković

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