HONOURS: 2022 Annual and Student Prizes of the Institute of Physics

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Jakša Vučičević and Ana Milosavljević

The Annual and Student Prizes were traditionally presented at a ceremony on the occasion of the Institute of Physics’ anniversary, on 12 May 2022.  The prizes are presented for scientific work which significantly contributes to a particular field of physics being developed at the Institute, and the best doctoral thesis completed at this institution and defended in the previous year.

Ова слика има празан alt атрибут; име њене датотеке је Institut-29-683x1024.jpg
Jakša Vučićević

The Annual Prize for scientific work was awarded to Jakša Vučičević, PhD, for his significant contribution to the theory of strongly correlated electron systems through an analytical solution of time integrals in Feynman-diagrams and explanation of mechanisms of Brown-Zak quantum oscillations of conductivity. The prize consists of a certificate of achievement, a diploma and a sum of money equivalent to three average salaries at the Institute.

The Panel’s statement explained that Dr Vučičević had recently obtained major results contributing to the international standing of the Institute, and in their deliberation, they had taken into consideration the quality of published papers, the laureate’s personal involvement in these papers, and their impact on the development of the field. As a matter of fact, in the previous two years, Dr Vučičević published six scientific papers with an impact factor of 22,943, with the papers having been in the news of renowned journals, and he has also been a leader in both domestic and international projects.

Ова слика има празан alt атрибут; име њене датотеке је Institut-32-683x1024.jpg
Ana Milosavljević

The Student Prize was awarded to Ana Milosavljević, PhD, for the doctoral thesis titled ‘Electron-phonon and spin-phonon interaction in iron-based superconductors and quasi-2D materials studied by the method of Raman spectroscopy’. The prize consists of a certificate of achievement, a diploma and a sum of money equivalent to an average salary at the Institute.

Ana Milosavljević, PhD, enrolled at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Belgrade for doctoral studies in physics in 2013, and since 2015, she has been employed at the Institute of Physics’s Centre for Solid State Physics and New materials, where, mentored by Nenad Lazervić, PhD, she has engaged in the research of vibrational features of materials with strong electron correlation. As stated in the Panel’s elaboration, she was awarded bearing in mind the quality of the dissertation and published papers, as well as their impact on the issues to which they pertain, the creative share of the candidate, the duration of studies and the Institute’s share in the achieved results.

The members of the Panel which deliberated on this year’s prizes are Igor Franović, PhD, Branislav Cvetković, PhD, and Nenad Vranješ, PhD, while the president of the Scientific Council Nenad Lazarević,  PhD, presented the prizes to the laureates. Following the ceremonial prize presentation, the recipient of the Annual Prize traditionally delivered a lecture in which the topics he is currently working on and the results he had achieved in the previous two years were featured.

Photo: Bojan Džodan

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