Gaseous electronics laboratory


Gaseous electronics laboratory is involved in research in physics of ionized gases motivated by possible non-equilibrium plasma applications. There are studies in charged particle swarms, low pressure breakdown and discharges and kinetics and applications of collisional plasmas. Transport theory for electrons and ions is developed both in simple analytic forms such as momentum transfer theory and in more elaborate forms.

Head of the Gaseous electronics laboratory is Dr. Zoran Petrović.


Dr. Gordana Malović

Dr. Veljko Dmitrašinović

Dr. Saša Dujko

Dr. Dragana Marić

Dr. Nevena Puač

Dr. Zoran Raspopović

Dr. Milovan Šuvakov

Dr. Nikola Škoro

Dr. Danko Bošnjaković

Dr. Dejan Maletić

Dr. Jelena Marjanović

Dr. Nenad Selaković

Dr. Ilija Simonović

Dr. Marija Puač

Jasmina Atić

Kosta Spasić

Amit Kumar

Olivera Jovanović

Anđelija Petrović

Vladan Simić

Jasmina Mirić