Dr Jakša Vučičević honoured with Sretenje Medal

15. February 2023.

On the occasion of the Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia, celebrated on 15 February, a young researcher of the Institute of Physics Belgrade (IPB), Dr Jakša Vučičević, was decorated with a silver medal of merits.

The decree honouring our colleague was signed by the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić. Per tradition, by the same decree, a series of Sretenje orders and medals for numerous meritorious artists, athletes, public figures, as well as renowned physicians and professors were awarded. Our colleague, Dr Vučičević is the only one who was decorated in the field of mathematical and technical sciences this year.

Last year, Dr Jakša Vučičević came under the spotlight, when he won a prestigious ERC grant for his research of complex systems in the study of high-temperature super-conductors. In 2022, he was also presented with the IPB Annual Award, while recently the project titled Cold Atoms, Hubbard Model and Holography: Key to Strange Metals, whose leader was Dr Vučičević, and which was funded within the PROMIS programme for young researchers of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, has been concluded.

Statehood Day has been marked on 15 February, on the Sretenje holiday (Meeting of Our Lord in the Temple) since 2002. The First Serbian Uprising began on this day in Orašac, in 1804, while in 1835, the First Constitution of the Principality of Serbia, the so-called Sretenje Constitution was passed, in Kragujevac.

The IPB was honoured as an institution with the Sretenje Order of the third degree in 2012, on the same occasion.