The management of the Institute of Physics

The management of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade is based on the synergy of scientific demands and the demands of society. As a national institute of the Republic of Serbia, the Institute strives to be a key factor in solving both social challenges and open issues in research with which humanity and contemporary science are faced. Aiming to make each generation of researchers better than the previous one, the Institute rests on three pillars: education, science and innovations, and the main mission of the management is their development. The Institute, as an internationally recognized research institution having an impact on the welfare of people and society, is the goal the management has set on the horizon.


Under the Law on Science and Research Activities in the Republic of Serbia, the Institute is governed by a director, appointed on the basis of a public competition for a four-year term. The director organizes and supervises the work process, conducts business, makes decisions independently and is responsible for the financial operations and legality of the work of the Institute. Since 2014, this position has been occupied by Aleksandar Bogojević, PhD .

Dr Bogojević graduated in physics from the Faculty of Sciences in Belgrade, followed by postgraduate studies in physics at Columbia University in the city of New York in the period 1983 to 1985, where he received his MSc. He continued his studies at Brown University, where, in the field of theoretical physics of high energies, he obtained his PhD. He was in several institutes and universities in the USA and Denmark, and in 1991, he came to the Institute of Physics, Belgrade.

His term as the director was characterized by the work on the development and reinforcement of the infrastructure which is to upgrade three main pillars of the work at the Institute: science, education and innovation.

The Office of the Director

The Office of the Director oversees the management activities of the Institute.

Some of the tasks of the Office are the consultation on the direction and monitoring of strategic activities related to the scientific, technological, innovative, organizational, legal and financial work of the Institute.

The cabinet consists of the director, deputy director for research, deputy director for technical affairs and commercialization, secretary, chief of staff and technical secretary.