In order to boost excellence in physics and related sciences, the Institute of Physics, Belgrade fosters and funds several significant recognitions presented both to physicists at the peak of their careers and young researchers and students. These are the prizes that the Institute of Physics presents/endorses: the Marko Jarić PrizeAnnual Prize of the Institute of PhysicsStudent Prize, Student scholarship of the Foundation of Nikola Konjević and Ružica Gregorić Konjević and Scholarship of the ’Prof. Dr Đorđe Živanović’ Foundation’.

Marko Jarić Prize

The Institute of Physics, Belgrade is one of the founders of ’Prof. Dr Marko Jarić’ Foundation and has funded the prize that this Foundation awards for achievements in physics since 2018. The Prize, carrying the name of one of the most brilliant Serbian scientists and whose memory it has preserved, was dubbed the ’Serbian Nobel Prize in physics’ by the Serbian media. Scientists from Serbia, regardless of where they live and work, can apply for this distinguished recognition, and so far, it has been awarded to an impressive group of people. The award ceremony is held every year on Dr Marko Jarić’s birthday, 17 March, and it is accompanied by a ceremonial gathering and a relevant lecture by the laureate. In addition to preserving the memory of the most prominent world physician, Dr Jarić, the Prize aims to draw attention to today’s researchers who are of Serbian origin and whose work has been recognized in the whole world.

Annual Prize of the Institute of Physics

The Annual Prize of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade for scientific works which significantly contribute to a particular field of physics being developed at the Institute, has been presented since 1976, on the date of the anniversary of the Institute’s foundation. A jury consisting of three members, previous winners of the Prize, takes into consideration several criteria, some of which are the quality of published papers, their scientific field impact, the author’s part in the results, number of papers and their categories. The recipient of the Prize traditionally holds a lecture at the Institute’s Colloquium. The Annual Prize fosters the recognition of relevant work and noteworthy results achieved within the Institute and underlines the success of the employees of the Institute.

Student Prize

Concurrently with the Annual Prize ceremony, the Institute of Physics, Belgrade presents the Student Prize for the best doctoral thesis completed at this institution and defended in the previous year. It is awarded by the same jury as the Annual Prize’s jury. The competition for this prize is getting more intense every year, which speaks about the quality of doctoral dissertation papers submitted at the Institute and highlights both the scientific and educational role of this institution.

Student scholarship of the Foundation of Nikola Konjević and Ružica Gregorić Konjevič

The Institute of Physics, Belgrade is one of the donors of the Foundation of Nikola Konjević and Ružica Gregorić Konjević within the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The Institute thus funds scholarships to talented, low-income students of physics. The scholarship aims to support the continuation of education and training of students who have achieved significant results during bachelor’s and master’s studies of physics in all faculties in the country.

Scholarship of the ’Prof. Dr Đorđe Živanović’ Foundation

The Institute of Physics, Belgrade endorses and financially aids the scholarship for the best students of physics backed by the ’Prof. Dr Đorđe Živanović’ Foundation. The scholarships are intended for the third-year students of undergraduate studies, one for each student from each study program of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Belgrade, so the Faculty and the Institute each award two scholarships. The award ceremony is organized annually during Saint Sava’s Day celebration.