Administrative boards

The management of the Institute of Physics

The management of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade is based on the synergy of scientific demands and the demands of society. As a national institute of the Republic of Serbia, the Institute strives to be a key factor in solving both social challenges and open issues in research with which humanity and contemporary science are faced. Aiming to make each generation of researchers better than the previous one, the Institute rests on three pillars: education, science and innovations, and the main mission of the management is their development. The Institute, as an internationally recognized research institution having an impact on the welfare of people and society, is the goal the management has set on the horizon.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is one of the main bodies of the Institute of Physics. It deliberates on the policies of the institution, passes documents and adopts operation programmes. The Board of Directors has seven members appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The president and three members are appointed by the Government itself as its representatives, whereas three members are elected based on a proposal of the Scientific Council of the Institute from the pool of its employed researchers. By the decision of the Government of Serbia dated March 9, 2023, the members of the Management Board were appointed, with academician Miljko Satarić as the president.

The members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Academician Miljko Satarić, SASA, Belgrade (President)
  • Professor Milica Pavkov Hrvojević,  Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad
  • Professor Branko Kovačević, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade
  • Professor Miloš Arsenijević, Faculty of matematics, University of Belgrade
  • Marija Radmilović Rađenović, PhD, Institute of Physics, Belgrade
  • Aleksandar Belić, PhD, Institute of Physics, Belgrade
  • Vladimir Srećković, PhD, Institute of Physics, Belgrade

KEY DOCUMENTS: Statute Institute of Physics and Rules of Procedure Board of Directors

International Supervisory Board

The International Supervisory Board plays an important role in the transformation processes at the Institute of Physics. Members are renowned physicists with a long experience in governing scientific organizations, international projects and cooperation. The members of the International Supervisory Board are as follows:

Rolf-Dieter Heuer, former director-general of CERN, former president of the German Physical Society
Fernando Ferroni, former president of Italy’s National Institute for Nuclear Physics
Joachim Mnich, director for research and computing at CERN
John Ellis, King’s College professor
Franci Demšar, director of Slovenian Research Agency

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is an expert body of management of the Institute of Physics. It passes decisions related to scientific work and research and evaluates the quality of the work of researchers employed in this institution. It comprises 45 researchers. Members are the representatives of six laboratories, i.e. groups, director, vice-director and the head of the Innovation Centre. The term of a Council lasts two years, and the acting president of the Scientific Council is Dr Nenad Lazarević, a principal research fellow. According to the Statute, the Scientific Council proposes the programme of scientific-research work, evaluates scientific projects proposals, decides on acquiring a title, elects representatives of the Institute in expert bodies and carries out other tasks delegated by the law.

KEY DOCUMENT: Rulebook on the composition of the Scientific Council