IPB Administration

Administrative, legal and financial oriented services are there to help the Institute reach scientific research goals it has set for itself, as well as to strengthen its social role. Together with centres and laboratories, services work in their capacities to establish the Institute’s reputation in the country and the world, making it an excellent and internationally competitive scientific institution.

Finances and accounting department

The Department manages financial and accounting affairs, analyses and conducts financial business control, balances books, handles salaries and compiles reports required by the Law on Accounting.

It is in charge of all financial and bookkeeping affairs and has five employees.

Department for legal and administrative affairs and human resources

The Department handles legal issues of the Institute, prepares materials for the sessions of the Managing Board and Scientific Council, carries out a legal analysis of business activities, conducts tenders and manages the documentation system, as well as realizes other issues within its scope of work.

The Department has eight employees.

Department for international cooperation and projects

The Department coordinates affairs related to international projects realization, assists project leaders in assembling project proposals, compiling reports and completing other administrative activities.

Two employees work in the Department.

Department of communications

The Department cooperates with the media, prepares journalist training, produces original texts and video content, and organizes public events to promote science culture, science communication and lifelong education.

As the national institute of the Republic of Serbia, the Institute of Physics has an additional responsibility to engage in building up the general reputation of science in society and stimulating the interest in science and the topics it explores.

The Communication Department, where three people are employed, assists the Institute in these endeavours.