Dr. Milorad Milosević laureate of the “Marko Jarić” award for 2022

14. March 2023.

“Prof. Dr. Marko V. Jarić” Foundation will award Dr. Milorad Milošević, full professor at the University of Antwerp in Belgium, the prestigious “Marko Jarić” prize for 2022. The ceremony to announce this year’s laureate will be held on Friday, March 17, 2023, at 12.00 hours, at the Congress Hall of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU), with the Institute of Physics Belgrade (the financial supporter of the award) as the ceremony organizer.

The “Marko Jarić” award, often referred to as the “Serbian Nobel in Physics” in media, has been awarded for 25 years for exceptional results in physics to our most distinguished researchers, many of whom, although of Serbian origin, work at world-leading universities.

As stated in the jury’s decision, this year’s award went to Dr. Milošević “for outstanding contributions to the study of quantum functional materials and hybrid heterostructures and the design of their superconducting and magnetic properties using computer simulations at the micro, nano, and atomic scale.” The award jury, consisting of the Full Research Professors Dr. Milan Tadić, Dr. Nenad Vukmirović, and Dr. Vladimir Đoković, unanimously decided on the winner.

Dr. Milorad Milošević completed his bachelor’s studies at the University of Belgrade – School of Electrical Engineering and earned his Ph.D. degree at the Faculty of Sciences – University of Antwerp, with a doctoral dissertation defense on hybrid devices based on superconductors and ferromagnets. He continued his training in the UK and the US, and in 2008 he returned to Belgium, where he currently works at the University of Antwerp. Today, Milošević collaborates with scientific institutions from Serbia in his research, mostly with the Institute of Physics Belgrade, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, and the Institute for Nuclear Sciences “Vinča”.

“Prof. Dr. Marko V. Jarić” Foundation was established in 1998, a quarter of a century ago, to keep the memory of the life and the work of Marko Jarić (1952-1997). The Foundation’s most famous activity is the award of the same name, rewarded to a scientist or a scientific group for outstanding scientific results.

Dr. Aleksandar Belić, the Board president, prof. Dr. Petar Adžić, the Foundation manager, Dr. Aleksandar Bogojević, director of the Institute of Physics, and prof. Dr. Milan Tadić, this year’s award jury president, will address the audience and guests during this year’s ceremony at the SANU, on Marko Jarić’s birthday, March 17th, after which the prize will be awarded. The laureate will hold a popular lecture and present his research to the audience after the awarding ceremony, according to tradition.

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