Ana Milosavljević won the funding within the Science Fund PROMIS program

30. November 2023.

Dr. Ana Milosavljević from the Institute of Physics Belgrade won the funding for one of a total of 30 projects of the Science Fund’s new PROMIS call for young researchers in Serbia.

Dr. Milosavljević’s project “Dynamics of CDW transition in strained quasi-1D systems” (DYNAMIQS) was one of 313 project proposals that were submitted to the Fund within this call.

Dr. Milosavljević’s research is in the field of quasi-low-dimensional materials in which superconducting and charge density wave states are manifested and represent a unique platform for researching their quantum properties as well as the mutual interaction of these two phenomena. Such materials provide opportunities for the development of new generation devices with multiple functionalities, based on the control and tuning of superconducting and charge density wave states. The analysis of the influence of mechanical deformation on these states enables a deeper study of their coupling, and provides an opportunity to adjust their properties, which would contribute to the development in the fields of (opto)electronics, sensor technologies, energy conversion systems, as well as quantum computing.

The primary goal of this project will be to tune the properties that affect the instability of the Fermi surface in transition Metal Trichalcogenides by applying uniaxial strain. The introduction of stress will enable the optimization of adequate physical properties through a more detailed insight into the mutual interaction of the crystal lattice, spin excitations and charge excitations. With this aim, by applying the experimental technique of inelastic light scattering, these excitations depending on temperature and stress will be monitored at the same time through the research.

As stated by the Science Fund, PROMIS 2023 is a program of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia intended for excellent projects of young researchers and scientists in the early stages of their careers. The projects are managed by PhDs who obtained that title no more than 7 years ago. Through this program, thirty young researchers and scientists will have the opportunity to become independent in their research work, build and manage their own teams, strengthen their capacities for applying at the European and world level and develop new ideas through the realization of basic and applied research in all scientific fields.

Dr. Ana Milosavljević enrolled in her doctoral studies in physics at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Belgrade in 2013, and she has been employed at the Institute of Physics in the Center for Solid State Physics and New Materials since 2015.

She defended her doctoral dissertation entitled “Electron-phonon and spin-phonon interaction in iron-based superconductors and quasi-2D materials studied by Raman spectroscopy” in the spring of 2021 under the mentorship of Dr. Nenad Lazarevic.

The following year, she was awarded the student award for the best doctoral dissertation defended in the previous year at the Institute of Physics Belgrade. This student award is given at the same time as the Annual Award, once a year as part of the celebration of the day of the Institute of Physics.

Dr. Jakša Vučičević and Dr. Ana Milosavljević, winners of the annual and student awards in 2022 (Photo: Bojan Džodan)

Dr. Milosavljević investigated the vibrational properties of materials with strong electronic correlations During the preparation of her dissertation. The jury, consisting of Igor Franović, Ph.D., Branislav Cvetković, Ph.D., and Nenad Vranješ, Ph.D., awarded her the award, as stated in the press release, taking into account the quality of the dissertation and published works and their impact on the issues to which they belong, the creative contribution of the candidate, the duration of the studies and the Institute in the achieved results.