Since 1976, the Institute of Physics in Belgrade awards the best scientific work, as well as the student prize. In some years awards have not been assigned.
2022 Jakša Vučičević Ana Milosavljević
2021 Nenad Lazarević Jadranka Vasiljević
2020 Igor Franović Miljan Dašić
2019 Branislav Cvetković Veljko Janković
2018 Nenad Vranješ Marko Mladenović
2017 Marija Mitrović Dankulov Danko Bošnjaković
2016 Magdalena Đorđević Jakša Vučičević
2015 Milovan Šuvakov Stanko Nikolić
2014 Antun Balaž Milan Radonjić
2013 Nenad Vukmirović Borislav Vasić
2012 Saša Dujko Ivana Vidanović
2011 Aleksandar Milosavljević Zlatko Papić
2010 Branislav Jelenković Saša Dujko
2009 Nikola Burić Bojan Nikolić
2008 Marija Radmilović Rađenović Aleksandar Кrmpot
2007 Aleksandar Bogojević Sanja Milisavljević
Milan Petrović
2006 Bratislav Marinković Marija Milosavljević
Zoran Petrović
2005 Aleksandra Strinić Antun Balaž
2004 Milovan Vasilić Novica Paunović
2003 Dragana Marić
2002 Dušan Jovanović
2001 Milivoj Belić Aleksandar Dragić
2000 Jovo Vranješ Aleksandra Strinić
1999 Branislav Jovanić Кosta Ladavac
1998 Zoran Petrović
1997 Mirjana Tripković Zorica Кonstantinović
Velibor Novaković
1996 Branko Dragović Branimir Blagojević
1995 Zoran Petrović Dragan Markušev
1994 Anatolij Mihajlov Radmila Panajotović
1993 Milivoj Belić Vladimir Stojanović
Branislav Jovanić
1992 Zoran Popović Duška Popović
Dejan Timotijević
1991 Predrag Кrstić Nenad Simonović
1990 Tasko Grozdanov Jovo Vranješ
1989 Dževad Belkić Marko Ledvij
1988 Slobodan Cvejanović
Milutin Blagojević
1987 Predrag Кrstić
1986 Ratko Janev Nebojša Uzelac
1985 Ivan Božović
1984 Vladeta Urošević
1983 Branislav Sazdović
Branko Dragović
1982 Petar Grujić
1981 Marko Popović
1980 Petar Grujić
1979 Pantelija Nikolić
1978 Zvonko Marić Tasko Grozdanov
1977 Nikola Кonjević Milan Dimitrijević
Ratko Janev
1976 Milan Кurepa

According to the rules, the Institute’s annual prize is awarded for scientific work that represents a significant contribution to a specific field of physics that is being developed at the Institute.

Traditionally, the winner of the award at the Colloquium of the Institute gives a lecture in the field for which the award was given, which is an integral part of the formal celebration of the anniversary of the Institute.

Proposals for the annual award are submitted to the Scientific Council of the Institute by project managers, scientific-research groups or researchers in a scientific position working at the Institute. The decision on awarding the award is made by a three-member jury appointed by the Scientific Council and consisting of the previous three winners of the Annual Award.

The jury takes into account several criteria: the quality of the published papers and their impact on the scientific field, i.e. the problem to which they belong, then the candidate’s creative share in the achieved results, the Institute’s share in the achieved results, as well as the number of papers and their categories.

The annual award can be awarded to an individual a maximum of two times, and consists of a diploma and a monetary part in the amount of three average net earnings at the Institute.

In addition to the Annual Award, according to the Institute’s Award Rules, one Student Award is also awarded for the best doctoral thesis completed at the Institute and defended during the previous year.

The student award consists of a diploma and a monetary part equal to one average monthly net salary at the Institute.

The awarding of the Student Award is carried out according to the procedure established for the awarding of the Annual Award for Scientific Work and is awarded by the same jury.

Every year on the anniversary of the Institute, in addition to these awards, the Award for Financial Contribution to the Institute is awarded. This award is given to an individual working in the Institute who, through his activities during the previous calendar year, provided the greatest financial contribution to the Institute.

The award for financial contribution consists of a diploma and a monetary part equal to three average monthly net earnings at the Institute.

The decision on awarding the Award for financial contribution is made by the director of the Institute by April 30 of the current year based on the report submitted to him by the head of the Accounting Department.

In order for the prize to be awarded, the financial contribution for which it is awarded must be at least five times greater than the monetary part of the prize.

The award for financial contribution can be awarded to the same winner a maximum of two times.

The Director of the Institute cannot be a winner of the Award for Financial Contribution.