Episode 16 – Profound insight of artificial intelligence

30. October 2020.

A profound insight of the artificial intelligence
Guest: dr Andreja Stojić

‘Machines work and they do not get tired. We give them a task and they will carry it out until it is completed’, says Dr Andreja Stojić of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade in the sixteenth episode of the popular science video series ‘The Garden of Physics’, noting that the help of artificial intelligence is significant when analysing a large quantity of data.

‘Artificial intelligence is able to perceive data in a completely different manner, to identify their mutual relations and indicate why certain processes took place’, say Dr Stojić, ATLAS project leader which has recently received funds of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia and is to integrate data from Europe and the USA concerning air quality parameters.

‘Mapping any complex system in any given field would definitely involve including numerous people in the analysis. The amount of data determines whether we will be able to encompass the overall variability of those parameters demonstrating natural intelligence. Since the phenomena in the environment are so complex, we have to have plenty of examples to understand them’, explains Dr Stojić. 

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Authors: Marija Đurić and Slobodan Bubnjević
Scenario: ’Science Through Stories’
Camera/drone: Zoran Veljanoski, Bojan Živojinović (Twotech Solutions)
Production associate: Jovana Nikolić
Directing and editing: Bojan Živojinović

Produced by: Insitute of Physics, Belgrade, 2020