Four Institute’s researchers win PROMIS grants

03. March 2020.

The final list of young researchers whose funding within the Program for Excellent Projects of Young Researchers (PROMIS) has been confirmed, features as many as four researchers of the Institute of Physics Belgrade.

The Institute is the most successful research institution in Belgrade, per the number of received grants, while in Serbia, it is in second place, behind the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad, whose researchers from various departments competed under one name. The total sum of confirmed funds, collectively for all four grants to the Institute’sresearchers, is more than 788,000 euros.

Researchers from the entire of Serbia, who obtained their doctorates in the previous 10 years, have answered this call with 585 project proposals, and the final list of those who have been approved for funding includes 59 of them. The researchers from the Institute who have won the grants are as follows: Dr Jakša VUčičević, Dr Goran Isić, Dr Aleksandar Krmpot and Dr Nenad Lazarević.

The grants are awarded by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, and this call for young researchers is the first this institution for science funding has organized. Project evaluation was conducted in two phases. In the first phase, projects were peer-reviewed according to excellence, impact and realization criteria, and then the projects, which had met the set conditions, were reviewed according to the same criteria by a Programme Board.

Among 59 projects, whose funding was approved, there are 26 in the field of natural sciences and mathematics, 11 in science and technology, eight in medical sciences, nine in biotechnical and five in social sciences and humanities. Among research institutions whose projects have been through all competition phases, there are 28 faculties and 31 institutes.

The leader of the project titled Hemoglobin/based Spectroscopy and Nonlinear Imaging of Erthrtocytes and their Membranes as Emerging Diagnostic Tool is Dr Aleksandar Krmpot, a senior research associate and the head of the Laboratory for Biophysics. The project titled Cold Atoms, Hubbard Model and Holography: Key to Strange Metals is helmed by Dr Jakša Vučičević, a research associate of the Scientific Computing Laboratory.

Dr Goran Isić, a senior research associate of the Laboratory for Graphene, other 2-D Materials and Ordered Nanostructures, is the leader of the project titled Nanometer Thin Photovoltaics Based on Plasmonically Enhanced Van Der Waals Heterostructures.

The leader of the project titled Strain Effects in Iron Chalcogenide Superconductors is Dr Nenad Lazarević, a senior research associate at the Solid State Physics Laboratory.