Results of the “Proof of Concept” internal competition

15. January 2024.

On Monday, January 15, 2024, the second round of the project proposals evaluation as part of the internal competition of the Institute of Physics Belgrade “Proof of Concept” was completed. The goal of this initiative, which is successfully implemented at the Institute of Physics, is to encourage the innovative initiatives of the Institute’s researchers.

The projects are financed from the funds of the World Bank’s SAIGE project, in which the Institute participates, and the total allocated amount is 365,000 euros. The evaluation process was conducted in two rounds. Six projects received full funding in the first round of evaluation, and two projects received partial funding. And now, in the second round, five projects have received funding.

The projects that received full funding in the second round are:

Optimization of iron bio-nanoparticles synthesis using bacteria, Lead Researcher: Dr. Iva Rosić

Non-invasive determination of cortisol from hair in chronic stress by Raman spectroscopy, Lead Researcher: Dr. Jasmina Lazarević

System for detection of VLF/LF signal noise reductions as precursors of earthquakes, Lead Researcher: Dr. Aleksandra Nina

Luminescent Spray for Object Authentication Security, Lead Researcher: Dr. Jelena Mitrić

Electric field and UV light assisted polymerization of 3D printed dental PMMA composite with graphene and hexagonal boron nitride, Lead Researcher: Dr. Radmila Panajotović

The projects that received full funding in the first round are:

Measurement of brands reputation based on their products forgery’s prevelance on e-commerce platforms, Lead Researcher: Dr. Ana Vranić

Services of accelerated and improved development of innovative drugs using biomimetic chromatography and AI, Lead Researcher: Dr. Darija Jovčić

Graphene-impregnated wood with increased biological resistance, Lead Researcher: Dr. Ivana Milosevic

Quality Slivovitz as Assessed by Raman Spectrometry, Lead Researcher: Dr. Dejan Djokić

LW-Pro System for protection of luxury watches against counterfeit, Lead Researcher: Dr. Vladimir Petrović

Handheld LIBS device for tattoo analysis, Lead Researcher: Dr. Maja Rabasović

The projects that received partial funding are:

3D printing of an atmospheric pressure cold plasma source, Lead Researcher: Dr. Nikola Škoro

Optical fiber temperature sensor, Lead Researcher: Dr. Marko Nikolić

With the completion of the second round of evaluation, the first internal call for projects of the Institute of Physics Belgrade has ended.