Institute of Physics – the European Innovation Council project participant

05. April 2023.

The European Innovation Council published a list of high-impact projects in key areas of technology on Monday, April 3, 2023. The European Commission has selected 44 projects for financing with a total of 167 million euros within the 2022 EIC Pathfinder call. The ARTEMIS project, in which researchers from the Institute of Physics Belgrade collaborate with colleagues from ten scientific institutions from six European countries, is among the selected projects.

Researchers from the Institute of Physics Belgrade participating in the project are Dr. Branko Kolarić, Dr. Darko Vasiljević, Dr. Marija Radmilović Rađenović, and Dr. Bojana Bokić, with Dr. Maja Pagnacco of the Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy and Dr. Marina Simović Pavlović, mechanical engineer.

The European Commission has opened the prestigious Pathfinder call within the Horizon Europe program, aiming at the projects that will trace the science future development. The call defined six areas in which progress should be made, and the project entitled “Molecular materials for integrated quantum light sources on a chip”, whose acronym is ARTEMIS, was accepted for financing in the field of quantum informatics and sensors. The project will last for 48 months, and the coordinating country is Italy.

The ARTEMIS project is motivated by the urgent need for new quantum sources with unprecedented versatility, flexibility and performance. The project proposes fundamental research in the direction of the development of integrable single and interleaved photon sources based on metalorganic molecular compounds. The idea is that flexible metal-organic materials can replace traditional quantum photonic sources based on inorganic crystals.

The devices and methods developed within this project are planned to lead to photonic sources with competitive performance in terms of coherence, efficiency, scalability and cost. This would lead, as the authors of the project claim, to a fundamental breakthrough in the development of quantum technology, paving the way for its appliance in the real world.