Jean-Eric Wegrowe

10. February 2020.

A delegation from the French Institute in Belgrade visited the Institute of Physics Belgrade (IPB) on Monday, 10 February 2020. This was also an opportunity for a French physicist, Jean-Eric Wegrowe, a full professor at the Department of Physics of Ecole Polytechnique, to visit and tour the IPB.

In this school, which has existed since 1794, and is one of the leading schools of engineering in France, Professor Wegrowe teaches subjects in the fields of quantum mechanics, solid-state physics, magnetism and statistical physics. In his research, he focuses on the process of electronic and thermal transport of nano-objects and their magnetic properties. He is the author of a great number of papers and four patents.

The meeting with Dr Wegrowe was attended by the director of the Institute of Physics Dr Aleksandar Bogojević and heads of the Innovation Centre and Laboratory for Atomic Collision Processes, which organized the visit.

During the dialogue, the Institute’s director mentioned the status of science in Serbia, cooperation with the European Union and the significance of the presence in the European research area, highlighting the issue of brain drain and ways to turn it around. There were some talks about furthering institutional cooperation with physicists in France, which up to now had rested on the shoulders of individual contacts, as well as talks on national institutes, doctoral studies, innovations and patents, and even talks about Switzerland and climate change. A particular emphasis was put on the development of the Verrocchio Project.

After the meeting, the Institute’s guest visited the Centre for Solid State Physics and Materials and the Centre for the Study of Complex Systems.