Marko Vojinović, PhD, on quantum gravitation

31. March 2022.

‘Quantum theory of gravity represents the most fundamental level of understanding of nature. If we could formulate the theory of quantum gravity, we could understand how nature works at the deepest level’, said Marko Vojinović, PhD of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade as a guest on the show ‘Scientific Portal’.

The fifteenth episode of ‘Scientific Portal’ was broadcast on Tuesday, 23 November 2021, on the RTS 2, and in one of the reports Dr Vojinović explained what quantum theory of gravity was and why physicists were still on the quest for it. ‘There are several candidates for the quantum theory of gravity which have asserted themselves in the expert circles as significant and relevant.  Each of these angles of research has its advantages and disadvantages’, says Dr Vojinović, explicating that none is convincing enough to form a consensus among experts that it is a true quantum theory of gravity.

Dr Vojinović mentioned in the show that researchers from the Institute of Physics, Belgrade and the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade gathered in the Group of Gravity, Particles and Fields research this field in Serbia. ‘One of the central things a person understands when engaging in this work is that it is not that important which results we get conducting research. What is important is the experience we acquire over the course of the work. The process of research work is much more significant than the results themselves, which are obtained at the end’, stated Dr Vojinović describing the work of the Group.

‘Scientific Portal’ is a show of the scientific programme redaction of RTS which has been broadcast since 2020, bringing news and stories from the world of science. Several researchers of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade have been guests of the show, as part of long-term cooperation of the scientific programme redaction of RTS and the Institute of Physics.