Saša Dujko, outstanding reviewer

31. March 2022.

IOP Publishing, a British publishing house that publishes scientific journals, books and papers, has announced Saša Dujko, PhD, a research professor of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade, an outstanding reviewer for 2020. Dr Dujko received this award for his work on peer reviews in Plasma Sources Science and Technology, a leading world journal for the physics of low-temperature plasmas and ionised gases.

The journal is committed to fundamental physics, and both theoretical and experimental works are published in it, as well as the results obtained by the application of computational simulations. One of the tasks of the journal is to connect modern technologies and plasmas applications with the physics of fundamental processes on a microscopic level.

Dr Saša Dujko, who throughout his career has reviewed numerous papers in national and international journals, as well as doctoral dissertations, projects and COST projects, perceives the preparation of expert review as one of the most important practices in scientific research work. ‘Reviews are an important controlling mechanism for the examination of the validity of a research paper and academic credibility of accomplished results’, explains Dr Dujko.

Dr Dujko considers continual reviewing as an opportunity for the development of personal ideas and skills and looking at individual research work from a different perspective as well as interpretation of its advantages and faults compared with the work of other colleagues. ‘It is a challenging task to review papers in which researchers present the results of their latest studies and test new trends and ideas, particularly because you invest not only your personal credibility and reputation but of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade too, which in a manner you represent’, says Dr Dujko.