Four centers of excellence

26. April 2022.

The Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development has reaccredited all four centers of excellence of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade.

According to Ministry data, a total of 16 centers of excellence have been accredited in Serbia. All of them attained the status by meeting specific requirements, as they are research centers that have achieved top results in their respective fields of expertise, for which they also received international recognition, based on which they developed international scientific, technical and technological cooperation.

The Accreditation Committee established that the centers of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade, meet all the requirements laid down in the Rules of Assessing Scientific Research and the Procedure for Accrediting Institutes, Integrated Universities, Faculties and Centers of Excellence, as well as those laid down in the Rules Governing the Criteria and Standards for Granting, Confirming and Revoking the Status of a Center of Excellence, Scientific Research and Funding of a Center of Excellence.

The reaccredited centers of excellence of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade, are:

Center for the Study of Complex Systems
(Head: Dr. Antun Balaž)

Photonics Center
(Head: Dr. Branislav Jelenković)

Center for Non-Equilibrium Processes
(Head: Academician Zoran Lj. Petrović)

Center for Solid State Physics and New Materials
(Head: Academician Zoran Popović)

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