Dr Ilija Zeljković

18. April 2024.

The Prof. Dr Marko V. Jarić Foundation awarded the prestigious Marko Jarić Prize for 2023 to Dr Ilija Zeljković, a full professor of Boston College in the USA. The award ceremony was held at the Grand Hall of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, on 14 March 2024.

The Marko Jarić Prize, which is sometimes referred to as ‘The Serbian Nobel’ in the media, has been presented for more than 25 years for outstanding results in physics. The Institute of Physics Belgrade which organizes this ceremony financially supports the Prize.

This year, as the Panel stated, the Prize went to Dr Zeljković ‘for outstanding contributions to the study of highly correlated superconducting materials based on cuprates and crystal topological insulators, as well as to the study of superconductors with the Kagome crystal lattice.’

Authors: Slobodan Bubnjević, Marija Đurić and Jovana Nikolić Živković

Camera: Zoran Veljanoski

Editing: Bojan Živojinović (Twotech Solutions)

Production: Institute of Physics Belgrade, 2024