Photonica 2023

28. August 2023.

The ninth international school and conference PHOTONICA 2023 takes place from August 28 to
September 1, 2023, at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

This international school and conference has been held in Belgrade every other year since 2007. It
gathers researchers to exchange knowledge and ideas in the field of photonics, and to encourage
young researchers to improve their skills in this field. A conference of this type attracts physicists from
several fields considering that photonics is one of the extremely attractive sciences in modern physics
and that many researches have a multidisciplinary component.

The event is organized by the Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, the Serbian Academy of Sciences
and Arts and the Optical Society of Serbia, with the Institute of Physics Belgrade as one of the

During five days, a large number of lectures, tutorials, poster presentations, workshops and trainings
will be held, and partners from the high-tech industry will also be involved in addition to researchers.