Photonica 2019

26. April 2022.

For numerous physicists the end of August was marked by another conference on photonics. Namely, from Aug. 26 to 30 Belgrade hosted one of the biggest scientific conferences held in our country this year, i.e. PHOTONICA 2019. The conference was held in the premises of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (see photo).

Since 2007, this international school and conference has been held every other year in Belgrade and brings together researchers in order that they may exchange their findings and ideas in the field of photonics and encourage young researchers to master this field of science. Given that photonics is one of the most attractive branches of modern physics, as well as that much research has an interdisciplinary component, conferences of this kind attract physicists from various fields.

The seventh PHOTONICAconference was organized by the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the Optical Society of Serbia. The Institute of Physics, Belgrade, was one of the partners in the organization of the event and its researchers showed great interest in the conference.

Many other partners helped organize the conference. They included Belgrade University’s Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Novi Sad University’s Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, and Belgrade University’s Faculty of Biology.

Held as part of conference were the mini symposium Quantum coherent effects with ultracold atomssuppotred byCOST action CA16221 “Quantum Technologies with UltraCold Atoms”, a regiona; ESUO workshop, and symposium Machine Learning with Photonics.

A day trip to Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci was organized for the conference participants.

Photos: PHOTONICA 2019