Intellectual Property Day

23. May 2024.

On Wednesday, May 22, 2024, “Intellectual Property Day” seminar was held in the “Dr. Dragan Popović” library of the Institute of Physics Belgrade. The event was organized within the Institute’s Innovation Incubator in order to promote the importance and understanding of intellectual property rights in the context of technology development.

Dr. Saša Lazović, Deputy Director for Innovation of the Institute of Physics Belgrade, greeted the attendees at the beginning. “Innovations are not something that should be paid attention to occasionally, but every day, and that is what the Institute does through the Innovation Incubator,” said Dr. Lazović, adding that the Institute is not only a place to discuss topics directly related to physics and science.

The first lecture “Protection of trademarked marks in the metaverse” was held by Dr. Jelena Ćeranić Perišić, Acting Director of the Institute of Comparative Law. Dr. Ćeranić Perišić spoke about numerous legal issues in the metaverse, among which is the issue of intellectual property. She referred to illustrative examples from judicial practice that significantly influenced the adoption of regulations and addressed questions such as: whether irreplaceable tokens are goods or art and whether trademark law applies to them.

Dr. Dušan Popović, full professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, held a lecture “Using artificial intelligence from the point of view of intellectual property rights.” In his lecture, among other things, Dr. Popović dealt with the question of whether artificial intelligence can be an author or an inventor. “Intellectual property law is focused on humans and that will not change soon, but there is no need to change at all,” concluded Dr. Popović, explaining that artificial intelligence can be used like other technical means, but the author is still a human being.

The third lecture entitled “Protection of innovations with patents” was held by Daniela Zlatić Šutić, Assistant Director of the Intellectual Property Office. She gave some important practical advice to the Institute’s researchers and other attendees that will help them apply for patents, and also talked about the conditions for protecting an invention and what can be protected by a patent. The participants were particularly interested in the differences between a patent and a small patent, which Zlatić Šutić spoke about in detail. “When you submit an application for a patent, the national institutes examine whether the product is new, inventive and suitable for industrial application,” stressed Daniela Zlatić Šutić.

Photo by: Marija Janković