Anniversary of the Institute of Physics

26. April 2022.

On the occasion of its 58th anniversary, the Institute of Physics organized a traditional ceremony this May to mark the event. In the Zvonko Marić Hall on Friday, May 10, at 12 o’clock, the Institute’s Science Council held a solemn session at which the Institute awarded this year’s prizes.

At 1 p.m. on the same day, a cocktail party was organized in the refurbished hall of the Institute’s library.

The Institute of Physics was founded in 1961. Its establishment was preceded by the exceptionally fast development of physics in postwar Yugoslavia, particularly in the field of nuclear physics. As it became necessary to bring together under one roof within the University of Belgrade all the other, non-nuclear, fields, the government of the Republic of Serbia decided to establish a new institution.

The founding document came into force on May 6 of the same year, the date which the Institute commemorates every year. During the 57 years of development and striving for scientific excellence, the Institute has gone through various stages and has ultimately become the first national institute of the Republic of Serbia.

VIDEO: Institute of Physics, Belgrade – Zvonko Marić Hall