2024 Day of the Institute Celebration

14. May 2024.

(Photo gallery) The Day of the Institute was marked at the banks of the Danube, in the garden of the Institute of Physic Belgrade, on Thursday, 9 May.

‘This is an institution which has past, present and future. The present includes awards that are to be presented today and the Marko Jarić Prize. As to the past, this year we have decided to establish a special recognition for researchers who left an indelible mark on the development of the Institute,’ the director of the Institute Dr Aleksandar Bogojević said in his speech.

The Annual and Student Prizes were traditionally presented at the celebration. The prizes are awarded for a scientific paper which represents a significant contribution to a particular field of physics being developed at the Institute and for the best doctoral dissertation conducted at this institution and defended in the previous year.

The Panel awarded the Annual Prize for a scientific paper to Dr Marko Vojinović for his outstanding contribution to the understanding of quantum gravity for piecewise flat manifolds. The Student Prize was bestowed upon Dr Petar Mitrić for his doctoral dissertation titled ‘Spectral Functions and Mobility of the Holstein Polaron’.

Dr Bojana Višić read the Panel’s statement on this year’s prizes. According to her, the Annual Prize laureate Dr Marko Vojinović had an impressive scientific opus during the previous year, while for the Student Prize, there were six proposed candidates.

The traditional ceremonial session of the Scientific Council was held in the Institute’s garden and it was opened by Dr Nenad Lazaervić, the president of the Scientific Council of the Institute.

In the rest of the programme, the Director of the Institute Dr Aleksandar Bogojević, presented charters to scientists emeriti. In his traditional speech, the director mentioned the past, present and future of the Institute. He furthermore reminded the present of some of the successes the Institute achieved in the last year highlighting the internal call and young researchers’ projects.