Young physicists successful in Poland

26. April 2022.

The five-member team of high school students that represented the Republic of Serbia at the International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT2019) won the bronze medal and thus achieved the heretofore best result for Serbia in this tournament.

This year’s tournament final was held in Poland from July 6 to 13. Serbia was represented by Aleksandra Petković, Dušan Igić and Vojin Ivković from the Svetozar Marković Grammar School, Niš, Gaja Brakus from the Jovan Jovanović Zmaj Grammar School, Novi Sad, and Miloš Petrašinović from the Vuk Karadžić Grammar School, Trstenik.

As a competition promoting the spirit of research, critical thinking and debating skills, the tournament has been held for three decades now and Serbian representatives started taking part in it only recently. The Serbian team was selected through qualifications held at the Institute of Physics, Belgrade, organized by the Society for the Promotion and Popularization of Science.

The team went to Poland led by national coordinators Vladimir Veljić and Dr. Aleksandra Alorić, researchers at the Institute of Physics, Belgrade. The preparations of the team of young physicists were organized in cooperation with the Petnica Science Center, a substantial number of scientists and teachers and with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.

By winning the bronze medal, the Serbian team achieved a better result in Poland than did Russia, USA, Australia, Great Britain and seventeen other teams. The same weekend, simultaneously with the news that came from Poland, came the news from Israel about the success of Serbian competitors at the International Physics Olympiad. This team had also done their preparations at the Institute of Physics.

PHOTO: Young Physicists’ Tournament (FB)