Marko Jarić Prize for 2020

19. April 2022.

The Governing Body of the Foundation ‘Prof. Dr Marko V. Jarić’, has announced a competition call for ‘Marko Jarić prize’ for 2020. Parallel with the announcement on the Foundation’s website, the competition call was released in ‘Politika‘ daily newspaper.

This prestigious prize, awarded with the support of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade has been dubbed ‘the Serbian Nobel Prize’ in domestic media and the organization of the competition has not been deterred by this year’s epidemics.

With the tradition spanning two decades, the prize has been awarded to an impressive number of the most renowned physicists, many of whom, Serbian by origin, work in the world-leading universities. The Foundation ‘Prof. Dr Marko V. Jarić’ which presents the prize was founded in 1998 to preserve the memory of the life and work of Marko Jarić (1952-1997).

The prize is awarded to an individual or a group of scientists for extraordinary scientific achievements in physics. The competition is open both to physicists from Serbia and the diaspora, even to scholars in other fields who conduct research in physics.

Last year’s winner of ‘Marko Jarić Prize’ is Dr Marko Lončar, a professor at Harvard University, USA, who was awarded for ‘outstanding contribution to the development of nanophotonics, applied physics and integral optics’, as stated in the Jury’s report for 2019. Since, due to a complex epidemiological situation related to coronavirus, ceremonial session and award presentation of 2020 had to be cancelled, this year’s prize will be presented together with the prize for the last year.

The proposals for this year’s prize may be put forward by individuals, scientific institutions or associations, and applications have to be submitted in writing.

The application deadline is 20 December 2020.

The application in e-form should be sent within the specified deadline to e-mail: nagradamarkojaric@ipb.ac.rs. The Foundation has provided  a template form the competition application.

The decision on the prize consisting of a diploma and a monetary part is made by the Governing Body of the Foundation ‘Prof. Dr Marko V. Jarić’ based on the Jury’s nominations. The award ceremony will be held on 17 March 2021 when, along with this year’s laureate, last year’s winner will be ceremonially presented.

Download the text of the competition call for ‘Marko Jarić prize’ for 2020.
Download the application template for the prize competition.
Visit the website of Foundation ‘Prof. dr Marko V. Jarić’.

For additional information please contact the Foundation at fondacijajaric@ipb.ac.rs