New projects implementation Rulebook

25. July 2023.

The Institute of Physics adopted a new projects implementation Rulebook that will significantly contribute to the improvement of the researchers’ and the Institute’s work.

This Rulebook regulates the procedures and rules of project management and participation in all types of projects, starting with the signing of the contract, that is, the agreement, ending with the approval of the final report on the realization and the final payment by the financier. Numerous segments such as projects financial management, direct and indirect costs, fees, business trips, procurement, reporting etc are defined by the Rulebook.

The Institute of Physics has been successfully cultivating the practice of participating in competitive domestic and international projects for two decades, which is why it is recognizable in domestic and European science. In terms of the number of projects won by researchers, the Institute is one of the leading institutions in the country.

Clear, transparent and simple procedures established by the new Rulebook will further improve this important segment of the researchers work and the institution itself.