The book on gravity by Dr. Marko Vojinović

02. October 2023.

The publishing house World Scientific recently published the book State-Sum Models of Piecewise Linear Quantum Gravity, with Dr. Marko Vojinović, the Institute of Physics’ researcher, as one of the authors. Dr. Vojinović is a researcher within the Group for Gravitation, Particles and Fields of the Institute of Physics, and he wrote the book with Dr. Aleksandar Miković, a full professor at Lusophone University in Portugal.

The book provides a complete and detailed insight into the so-called state-sum models of quantum gravity. These models are based on the triangulation of smooth manifolds, and the book co-authored by Dr. Vojinović provides the entire apparatus for work and interpretation. In addition, the book provides a detailed insight into quantum gravity models that are based on similar premises, such as the Regge model, spin-foam models, and spin-cube model, while other exotic models of quantum gravity are only briefly described.

The book is primarily intended for the community of physicists who are involved in gravity research and for whom this reading will be a valuable manual for working with state-sum models.

Singapore-based World Scientific Publishing House has offices around the world and is an international academic publisher as well as the largest international scientific publisher in the Asia-Pacific region.