“The Alchemy of the Bomb” promotion in Bookmarker

24. September 2023.

On Thursday, September 21, at 6 p.m., in the “Bookmarker” area of the Delphi SKC bookstore in Belgrade, the promotion of the popular science book ” The Alchemy of the Bomb” by our colleague Slobodan Bubnjević, head of the Department of Communications of the Institute of Physics Belgrade, was held. “The Alchemy of the Bomb“, published as the “Laguna” edition, has already attracted the media and readers’ attention, so the second edition was printed even before the promotion.

Dr. Aleksandar Bogojević, the Institute’s director, was a guest at the promotion, and Filip Švarm, editor of “Vremena”, and Zoran Penevski, book editor and author, spoke at the event as well. The moderator was Tanja Vučković from “Laguna”. The promotion attracted a diverse audience, journalists, writers, science communicators, as well as a wider audience.

“The Alchemy of the Bomb” is not only physics but also a depiction of life in an exciting period,” said Dr. Aleksandar Bogojević, adding that “it is about a book that touches us all. Something that happens during our lives, and affects our future and the future of our children.” Explaining the connections between science and society, Bogojević pointed out that “the goal is not to solve all problems, the goal is to live in a universe that is made so that, every time we solve a problem, new questions arise. And that’s the game we play. If we are afraid, then we will not be able to solve these problems. They inspire us.”

Filip Švarm pointed out that the interest of the wider audience is understandable since, in his opinion, the book pushes the boundaries, and at the same time it is “a book for everyone”, while Zoran Penevski assessed: “We can measure popular science literature up to this book, and from this book onwards. We can talk about good science non-fiction literature in our country with this book as a breaking point”.

“The Alchemy of the Bomb” describes the dramatic history of the nuclear era, starting with the discovery of fission, the Manhattan Project, and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, through the nuclear tensions during the Cold War, all the way to Chernobyl, Fukushima and today’s crisis in Zaporozhye.

Photos: Laguna