Where do polarons go?

24. May 2024.

(Video) Using a range of computing and theoretical physics methods, the researchers of the Institute of Physics Belgrade are studying how polarons – charge carriers move through materials. The video series ‘A Glance at Physics’ had Dr Nenad Vukmirović and Dr Veljko Janković from the Scientific Computing Laboratory of the Institute of Physics Belgrade answer the questions about which methods these are and why these findings are important. The project they work on titled Polaron Mobility in Model Systems and Real Materials, is funded within the Prisma Programme of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

A Glance at Physics, Ep. 10 – Where do polarons go?

AUTHORS: Marija Đurić, Slobodan Bubnjević, Jovana Nikolić

RECORDING AND EDITING: Aleksandar Mijailović

PRODUCTION: Institute of Physics Belgrade, 2024

A Glance at Physics is a video series of the Institute of Physics Belgrade which talks about individual projects and research conducted at the Institute in short episodes. New episodes are posted every Friday on the Institute’s YouTube channel, website and social networks.