In search of alternative gas

19. April 2024.

(VIDEO) Nowadays, gases which contribute to the greenhouse effect are used in electrical power transmission technology. One of the steps which are studied in the Project titled EGWin (Exploring ultra-low global warming potential gases for insulation in high-voltage technology: Experiments and modelling) is the elimination of one such gas, sulphur hexafluoride. The discovery of an alternative gas which would have an identical function in electrical power transmission systems but without a negative effect on the environment could have a considerable effect on the future of the Planet.

However, alternative gases which are being researched raise numerous questions on their conductivity, interactions, properties of breakdown and streamer discharges in these gases, and others.

Our researcher, Dr Saša Dujko, spoke about the EGWin project, which is being conducted at the Centre for Non-Equilibrium Processes of the Institute of Physics Belgrade, for the new episode of the series A Glance at Physics.

A Glance at Physics, Ep. 6 – In search of alternative gas

AUTHORS: Marija Đurić, Slobodan Bubnjević, Jovana Nikolić

RECORDING AND EDITING: Aleksandar Mijailović

PRODUCTION: Institute of Physics Belgrade, 2024

A Glance at Physics is a video series of the Institute of Physics Belgrade which, in short episodes, talks about individual projects and research conducted at the Institute. New episodes are posted every Friday on the Institute’s YouTube channel, website and social networks.