In pursuit of pesticides

13. May 2024.

(VIDEO) What happens when we inhale or swallow pesticide residues from the agricultural environment? Which parts of them dissolve and enter the bloodstream and which ones remain in an organism? These are points of interest of Dr Tijana Milićević of the Environmental Physics Laboratory at the Institute of Physics Belgrade.

She participates in a Serbian-French project whose task is to investigate the methods of the analysis of bioavailability of pesticides and other toxic elements from the agricultural environment.

The bilateral project titled ‘Bioavailability of Toxic Organochlorine Pesticides and Trace Elements in Agricultural Environments in France and Serbia: Contribution to the Latest In Vitro Methods and Health Risk Assessment’ is funded within the Pavle Savić programme whose realization is supported by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and Campus France. Along with Dr Tijana Milićević of the Institute of Physics Belgrade, the project leader is also Dr. Matthieu Dulanua from the Faculty of Agriculture in Nancy.

A Glance at Physics, Ep. 8 – In pursuit of pesticides

AUTHORS: Marija Đurić, Slobodan Bubnjević, Jovana Nikolić

RECORDING AND EDITING: Aleksandar Mijailović

PRODUCTION: Institute of Physics Belgrade, 2024

A Glance at Physics is a video series of the Institute of Physics Belgrade which, in short episodes, talks about individual projects and research conducted at the Institute. New episodes are posted every Friday on the Institute’s YouTube channel, website and social networks.