The Secret of Newtonian Revolution

25. June 2021.

The Secret of Newtonian Revolution
Guest: dr Marko Vojinović

Newton’s contribution to unifying physics, celestial mechanics and classical mechanics is the first of its kind in modern physics. It represents a unique revolution in our understanding of the manner of conceiving natural phenomena’, explains Dr Marko Vojinović of the Institute of Physics, in the 26th episode of the popular science video series ‘The Garden of Physics’, in which he elaborates on what Newtonian revolution in science is and how the world would look like without his observations.

‘At Newton’s time, physics was not conceived as a science as it is nowadays, people pursued something called natural philosophy, states Dr Vojinović in the episode ‘The Secret of Newtonian Revolution’, describing the second half of the 17th century and the period of the Great Plague which took Europe by storm. During two years of the plague epidemic, Newton isolated himself in his native village and in complete solitude managed to produce his most significant insights in various fields of physics and mathematics.

The series ‘The Garden of Physics’ was launched by the Institue of Physics, Belgrade inspired by the concept of popular IPB forums which, before the pandemic broke out, had brought together a large audience at the big hall of the Students’ Cultural Centre. Realized in cooperation with the portal ’Science Through Stories’, each episode of ’The Garden of Physics’ is dedicated to one of the fundamental topics of modern science. Instead of being in front of an audience, we now talk with physicists and other researchers in the Garden of the Institute, on the banks of the Danube in Zemun.


Authors: Marija Đurić and Slobodan Bubnjević
Scenario: ’Science Through Stories’
Camera/drone: Zoran Veljanoski, Bojan Živojinović (Twotech Solutions)
Production associate: Jovana Nikolić
Directing and editing: Bojan Živojinović

Produced by: Insitute of Physics, Belgrade, 2021