Institute’s status as a national institute extended for 10 more years

15. February 2022.

The status of the Institute of Physics Belgrade (IPB) as a national institute of the Republic of Serbia has been reconfirmed by a recent re-accreditation. The Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted a decision (no. 022-1074/2022 of 20 February 2022) (published in ‘Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia’, No. 88/22 of 11 February 2022), which granted reaccreditation of the IPB as the national institute.

The IPB became the country’s first national institute in 2018, followed by six institutions, which later acquired the status in Serbia. As stated by the Law on Science and Research, national institutes of the Republic of Serbia are first-rate scientific institutions of particular importance to one or several scientific fields, where research of the highest priority for scientific, educational, cultural and overall socio-economic development of the country is conducted. Per the Rules of Evaluation of Scientific Research, an institute can be granted the status of a national institute if it meets 14 requirements, some of which are established international cooperation and scientific research results contributing to science development, overall knowledge and technology advancement.

The reaccreditation and confirmation of the Institute’s status were required, since it had previously acquired it for four years, pursuant to the former Law on Science and Research. According to the new Law, the IPB has been accredited as the national institute of the Republic of Serbia for 10 years.

Photo by: Bojan Džodan/IPB