01. December 2022.

Dr Jakša Vučičević has won a prestigious ERC grant from the European Research Council for research, which could bring about tectonic shifts in the study of the so-called high-temperature super-conductors and other open-ended questions of modern physics. This is the third ERC grant to have been awarded to a researcher in Serbia, and the second one to a researcher, at the Institute of Physics. On this occasion, a press conference was organized at the IPB, on Tuesday, 29 October, which discussed Dr Vučičević’s major success. Along with the ERC grant recipient, the Minister of Science, Innovation and Technological Development, Dr Jelena Begović, as well as the IPB Director, Dr Aleksandar Bogojević, addressed the guests – media representatives, researchers, both previous ERC grant recipients and the Institute’s associates.

Photo credit: Bojan Džodan