’The Invisible Hand’ of World Crisis

22. August 2022.

For an economy to develop faster, particularly the one that generates more additional value, it is essential to improve the access to various highly qualified personnel (HQP). Conflicts, economic and political crises cause an increase in brain drain. ’In the several last decades, there were few countries that were affected by this more than Serbia’, says Dr Aleksandar Bogojević, director of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade for the portal ’Business’. As part of the Summer lexicon on this portal, which engages in financial and economic affairs significant for social development, while paying particular attention to science, Dr Bogojević explicates that we are currently in rather different circumstances. To a string of questions from journalist Marija Krsmanović on ongoing challenges, Dr Bogojević replied optimistically analysing chances in times of crisis.

Photo by: Neda Mojsilović/Business