Dr Aleksandar Bogojević in Politika

31. March 2022.
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On the eve of the 118th anniversary of its existence, the daily newspaper ‘Politika’ brings a topical interview with Dr Aleksandar Bogojević, director of the Institute of Physics, Belgrade, in its Sunday issue. In a comprehensive, stimulating text, entitled ‘Renaissance Transformation of Knowledge, Know-How and Creativity’, authored by Darko Pejović, which was published in the ‘Society’ section, on 23 January, the development plans of the Institute for 2022 were presented, as well as Dr Bogojević’s various concepts, ideas and analysis.  

‘This year marks the new time arrangement for the Institute of Physics, our first national institute’, says ‘Politika’, stating that this year should be marked at the Institute with two projects after which, as the article states, “Nothing will be the same, neither in this scientific fortress on the Zemun bank of the Danube, nor in the vast vicinity’.

At the end of December, the Institute joined the ‘Serbia Accelerating Innovation and Growth Entrepreneurship Project  (SAIGE), which is realized through a partnership of the Republic of Serbia, the World Bank and the European Union, and six institutes participate in it. Politika states that the aim lies in making the creative energy from these institutions serve ‘to propel’ the economy, and making the creation of scientific papers not to be an end in itself, but to find concrete applications of research.

‘Foreign experts will train us how to access the money from international funds faster and in greater amounts, how to formulate patent applications’, says Dr Bogojević, in the interview with the journalist of ‘Politika’, adding that this type of a project facilitates the establishment of high-tech companies which can ‘leave the Institute and become independent when they mature’.

Along with the outcomes of this project, ‘Politika’ analyses in depth the general plan of development of the Institute, particularly paying attention to  the growth of the human resources, and then the article focuses on the impact of science on the overall development of the Republic of Serbia. ‘The future is not only in the hands of the most populous countries such as the USA, China, Russia, India’, believes Dr Bogojević, explicating that there are historical examples when small countries gave a contribution to humanity which was positively disproportionate to their size.The article’s final part is dedicated to the construction and furnishing of the ‘Verokio’ Centre at the Institute of Physics. ‘The foundations of a long-term process of transformation will be laid at the Institute of Physics, in spring’, ‘Politika’ discloses, describing the concept of the new post-industrial education in this innovative and educational centre, which represents a priority project of the Government of Serbia, as well as the origin of its name and its numerous partners in the world.