Attaché for Science of the Embassy of France at the Institute

13. September 2023.

On Wednesday, September, 13, 2023, the Science Attaché of the Embassy of France, François-Xavier Kowandy, and Vesna Adamović, coordinator for the students and scientists’ mobility of the French Institute, visited the Institute of Physics Belgrade.

The visit was organized as part of the preparations for the arrival of the French FEMTO-ST Institute’s director, and several topics were raised at the meeting about cooperation opportunities between researchers from Serbia and France.

Dr. Aleksandar Bogojević, director of the Institute of Physics Belgrade, introduced the institution to the guests, talking about the researchers, the areas that are the focus of their work, and the centers of excellence. He also emphasized innovation, as one of the pillars of the Institute, and introduced the guests to the work of the Innovation Center.

Dr. Bogojević emphasized the importance of international cooperation for the Institute, noting that scientific ties with France still depend primarily on individuals. The Science Attaché agreed with the representatives of the Institute that it is necessary to strengthen cooperation both at the national and institutional level. The historical ties between Serbia and France in the field of education were highlighted at the meeting, with a reminder that the founder of the Institute, Dr. Aleksandar Milojević, received his doctorate in France.